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Memphis — Memphis city fathers…and mothers… want their MTV.  If this deal goes through, Memphis will spend about $500,000 for police, fire and emergency services if the MTV Video Music Awards were held in Memphis this fall. The cable channel says it hasn’t made a decision about the location for this year’s show, tentatively scheduled for early September.

Memphis – Another new Elvis CD is out and selling briskly.  This time it is the first ever CD collection of Elvis’s gospel recordings, it is called “Elvis/Ultimate Gospel”.  All of the popular Elvis gospel songs are in there and some less familiar but very good gospel recordings including “Reach Out to Jesus” which alone makes the CD worth the price.  All in all there are 24 Elvis gospel tracks on this CD and it will be a best seller for years. 

Toronto – Most Patient Man in the World Claims 23 Million Dollar Payday.  Raymond Sobeski won the Canadian Lottery $23 million (US) jackpot in April of 2003.  Then on April 1st, 2004 he ambled into the Ontario Gaming & Lottery Corporation brandishing the winning ticket a mere 12 days before the one-year deadline to claim the $30 million Canadian dollar jackpot.  When asked why the big delay Mr. Sobeski responded, “I didn’t want to do anything rash.  I thought it was in my best interest to keep it to myself until I had everything all sorted out.”  He put the winning ticket in a safe deposit box in a bank vault and set about getting his affairs in order as he put it. 

Kathy Pittman of the Ontario Gaming & Lottery Corporation said, “It was the first time that a winner’s waited this long.  We thought it must be lost because, how can someone sit on it for this long?  After meeting him, it’s perfectly clear to me.  He is a gentleman who takes his time, care and caution to make any decision.  He’s a very patient, laid-back man.”  No kidding Kathy. 

More Than You Wanted To Know About Brother Dave!

On April 12, 1954 the motion picture “The Blackboard Jungle” was released containing the never before heard song “Rock Around the Clock” by Bill Haley and his Comets.  This song would spread faster than kudzu to usher in the Rock & Roll music era.  Brother Dave, who was born as David Vasser on that very same day in Gainesville, Georgia, made a decent career in radio playing just about all of the Top-40 music that Haley’s milestone recording sired.

When Dave was about 6 years old, he got a second hand Admiral AM radio.  It would pick up one…and only one station during the day, his hometown 1,000 watt WCON AM, where only eight years later he would begin what has since evolved into a thirty-five year odyssey of riding the tempest that is the swirling and ever changing world of commercial radio.

At Dave’s request on his tenth birthday in 1964, his parents presented him with an AM pocket GE transistor radio with a leatherette case and, more importantly, one of those little earphones that you stick into your ear.

This is where a good boy went bad some say.  Because unknown to his parents, he began using that earphone equipped pocket radio to secretly listen to “The John R.Show” on WLAC from Nashville late at night when he was thought to be sleeping.  John R. and the R&B music he played on WLAC would have a lasting impact on Dave.

After a visit with the scout troop to WCON the very next year, Dave made up his mind that radio was absolutely and positively the career for him.  He’s only 11 years old now, but he started working at home on talents he thought he’d need in his new career.  He was “playing radio station” using improvised, or in some cases even homemade equipment while the other guys around his age in the neighborhood were more concerned with racing slot cars and torturing frogs.  He began reading the front page of the Atlanta Constitution out loud every day into his tape recorder and playing it back to work on his diction and oral reading skills when he was 12.  This was an almost daily ritual for at least two years.

He exhibited other strange behavior for a pre-teen.  He cannibalized his Philco record player to remove the turntable and found a bargain on a real microphone from a radio shop.  He started his now legendary record collection too about this same time.  During the daytime it was WQXI in nearby Atlanta that brought him the fabulous Dr. Don Rose Showin the mornings.  (WQXI and the Kent Burkhart era at “QUIXIE IN DIXIE” is rumored to have actually been the inspiration for the 1970’s TV hit show “WKRP in Cincinnati” and Dave thinks the Dr. Johnny Fever character was loosely based on Dr. Don Rose.)  WQXI also brought John Leader’s incredibly strong voice later in the day.  Later he was listening to WRFC AM and WDOL FM both from Athens along with WBBQ FM’s “Tiger Radio” from Augusta.  Other inspirational influences crept into his life on the AM band at night from 1968 through 1972 including ChuckBuel, Kris Erik Stevens, his second favorite female jock Miss Yvonne Daniels, John Landecker, Larry Lujack, Harry Harrison, and early 70’s influences Dick Biondi, and Cousin Brucie.

A little later of course he was hearing Wolfman Jack who had come east to WNBC in New York after “AMERICAN GRAFITTI” made him a worldwide celebrity.  Wolfman, who later also moved to North Carolina, counted John R. as his inspiration too.  He and Dave really hit it off when they first met in Charleston in 1976 after Dave had signed up Wolfman to do the Saturday night show at WCSC.  They continued their friendship up until Wolfie’s sudden and shocking death almost twenty years later on July 1, 1995.  I actually broke the sad news to Dave myself in a frantic static filled phone call to the Bahamas where Dave was vacationing.  After that, Dave was crushed and on the very next flight home to Charlotte-Douglas.  Only nine years earlier both Wolfie and Dave had been together at John R’s funeral in Nashville and the memories of that sad occasion were surely on his mind.

Prior to all this, Brother Dave stopped playing radio station at home and began his radio career for real at WCON AM and FM in his hometown of Cornelia, Georgia on December 21, 1968 when he was all of 14 years old.  It is not known if he was the youngest regularly featured commercial broadcast DJ ever because records aren’t kept about that sort of thing by Guinness, but certainly he was one of the youngest ever.  He also was quite horrible at first he says, but it was a good training ground.  He did the night show from 7 until 10 pm until he finished high school.

The very week he graduated from high school in 1972 he left WCON.  Then he immediately entered summer quarter at the University of Georgia’s journalism school in Athens with an eye toward a serious broadcast career.

However, after landing a full-time job at WRFC 960 AM in Athens he decided serious broadcasting and journalism school were for someone else who didn’t already have a paying radio job.  Also during this period he was doing some part-time work at WRFC’s sister-station, the 100,000 watt WFOX 97.1 FM in Gainesville/Atlanta, Georgia.  “The FOX” would eventually contribute to the demise of Top-40 music on his once beloved WQXI.  “The FOX”  blanketed Atlanta with a rock solid signal and would become a powerhouse pop & gold station in Atlanta for three decades to come.

Over the next eighteen years Brother Dave worked at many other radio stations.  So many in fact that he’s unsure on some of the dates.  Some of the more notable stations were:

  • WRKT AM-FM “The Rocks” in Cocoa Beach, Florida (now moved to Titusville), where he first adopted the name “Brother Dave” when WRKT music director Merv “Plymouth Rock” Pilgrim came up with the idea.
  • “The MIGHTY TMA” WTMA in Charleston, South Carolina where in 1974 at age 20 he established the still standing record as highest rated night DJ in Charleston history.
  • WCSC “The Rock of Charleston”, where he became program director at the age of 22.
  • WQSN in Charleston, where he was named operations manager at age 25.
  • Dave left the then hyper-competitive Charleston market in 1980 for the much smaller town of Albemarle, North Carolina.  He worked at WABZ-FM and WZKY-AM during the next 12 years really enjoying small town life.
  •  Whenever he wanted a taste of the “big-time” he would work shifts at stations like the flame-throwing Z-100, up start WDEX where I met him and went to work for him,  and at WROQ in Charlotte where he realized a personal goal of working for the legendary ownership team of Stan and Sis Kaplan.

During these years he mostly used Brother Dave as his on-air name, but he also went by Dave Derek at WQSN and by Chris Brothers at Z-100 for reasons that involved exclusivity contracts he had signed with other stations in the market.

Saturday Night Live

LOS ANGELES – Original “Saturday Night Live” cast member, the late John Belushi was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and salutes from his brother, Jim Belushi, and fellow “Saturday Night Live” cast members Chevy Chase and Dan Aykroyd on Thursday April 1st.  Fans from as far away as Belushi’s native Chicago were on hand along with his widow, Judy Belushi Pisano, plus friends Ted Danson, Mary Steenburgen and Tom Arnold.  The troubled funny man was just 33 when he died of a drug overdose in a Hollywood hotel room in 1982.  In addition to television work, John Belushi starred in the 1978 comedy classic “National Lampoon’s Animal House” and in 1980’s box office smash “The Blues Brothers,” which co-starred Aykroyd.

San Antonio –  NCAA’s Basketball Championship game is Monday night with surprise entry Georgia Tech facing favorite University of Connecticut, it starts late at 9:18 PM on CBS-TV.

New York – “Rolling Stone” magazine’s latest edition features a cover story ranking the top 50 greatest rock & roll stars of all time.  The ranking is sure to stir controversy, but the short feature columns on each artist are very good reading.  The features are good mainly because they aren’t written by some Rolling Stone writer, but by other fine musicians or industry insiders.

Here’s the “Rolling Stone” Immortals ranking:  1- The Beatles, 2- Bob Dylan, 3- Elvis Presley, 4- The Rolling Stones, 5- Chuck Berry, 6- Jimi Hendrix, 7- James Brown, 8- Little Richard, 9- Aretha Franklin, 10- Ray Charles, 11- Bob Marley, 12- Beach Boys, 13- Buddy Holly, 14- Led Zeppelin, 15-Stevie Wonder, 16- Sam Cooke, 17- Muddy Waters, 18- Marvin Gaye, 19-The Velvet Underground, 20- Bo Diddley, 21- Otis Redding, 22- U2, 23- Bruce Springsteen, 24- Jerry Lee Lewis, 25- Fats Domino, 26- The Ramones, 27-Nirvana, 28- Prince, 29- The Who, 30- The Clash, 31- Johnny Cash, 32- Smokey Robinson & The Miracles, 33- The Everly Brothers, 34- Neil Young, 35- Michael Jackson, 36- Madonna 37- Roy Orbison, 38-John Lennon, 39- David Bowie, 40- Simon & Garfunkel, 41-The Doors, 42- Van Morrison, 43- Sly & The Family Stone, 44- Public Enemy, 45- The Byrds, 46- Janis Joplin, 47- Patti Smith, 48- Run-DMC, 49-Elton John, 50- The Band.

We’d be interested in hearing from you exactly how you feel about the “Rolling Stone” ranking.  Do you think it is right or wrong?  Actually, we feel that any ranking of artists is like comparing apples to oranges and trying to rate which is better.  Any list like this is certain to be subjective, but we felt that there are some very surprising picks on their list, and would like a second opinion.  Just click a contact link in the right column to tell us.

Palm Springs, California – Art James, who was an announcer or host for a dozen TV game shows over three decades, including “Concentration” and “Family Feud Challenge,”  died Sunday March 28th in Palm Springs at age 74 of a sudden illness.  He was born Arthur Efimchick in Dearborn, Michigan October 15th, 1929 and studied engineering at Wayne State.   James worked as an announcer on “Concentration,” which ran from 1958 to 1973 making it NBC’s longest-running game show ever.  Art James also worked on “Say When”, “Face the Music” and “Blank Check”.   Prior to joining NBC he was an announcer for Armed Forces Radio while stationed in Germany after WWII.  After NBC he started his own Art James Productions in the 1990’s teaching public speaking.

Entertainment, News & Dave’s Commentary

Los Angeles – There’s trouble in Springfield.  Production of voiceovers for “The Simpson’s” has ground to a halt as the entire voice cast has stopped showing up for work in an apparent effort to force a speedy settlement of a long contract negotiation process. Daily Variety, the Hollywood trade paper reported Thursday April 1st that the six real people who provide the voices for the main characters are holding out for more dough for the upcoming 16th season of the hit animated sitcom.  According to Daily Variety, each cast member is asking for something in the ballpark of $360,000 per episode.  They currently earn approximately $125,000 per episode.  Three-year contracts for Dan Castellaneta who voices Homer, Hank Azaria who voices several characters (including Moe, Apu, Comic Book Guy), Harry Shearer who does Mr. Burns and others, Yeardley Smith who is the voice of Lisa, Julie Kavner who is the blue haired Marge and Nancy Cartwright who does Bart expired several months ago.  The voice tracks are recorded and then the animation is drawn.  So, without the voiceovers, the artists can’t draw.   There was another dispute in 1998, also over salaries and it worked out fine.

Also looming through all of Hollywood is contract negotiations beginning next week for screenwriters in The Writer’s Guild of America.  The WGA shut Hollywood completely down in a crippling 22 week strike in 1988.  Their current three year deal runs out May 2nd.  So they have less than four weeks to come to terms.  A major focus will be on revenues from the recent upsurge in DVD sales of television series.  If they fail to reach an agreement, it would impact about every show on television, even late night talk stars Jay Leno and David Letterman!

Los Angeles – Kelly Osbourne, the 19-year-old daughter of heavy metal star Ozzy Osbourne, has checked into a Malibu drug rehabilitation center for an addiction to painkillers, her parents said Friday night April 2nd in an exclusive “Larry King Live” interview on CNN.  Kelly Osbourne’s younger brother, Jack, 18, checked himself into a drug and alcohol rehabilitation clinic last year and Ozzy Osbourne has been candid about his decades of battles with substance abuse.  Sharon Osbourne said that an English tabloid notified them early Friday that they had a photograph of Kelly in an apparent drug deal.  Ozzy said that his daughter denied having a stash of drugs, but the family’s maid said she had found a bag of pills underneath her bed.  “So the bag was delivered to me, and I opened this bag and it was full of pills. … There must have been 500 pills,” Ozzy told King.  Her mom says she then confronted Kelly, who eventually acknowledged a drug problem “after a lot of twisting.”  Within hours, Kelly’s brother drove her to the Promises rehabilitation center in Malibu.  When Larry King asked Sharon if she had advice on how to steer children away from drugs, she answered, “I’m a failure!  How can I give anybody advice?”   The Osbourne family has been featured on a hit “reality” show on MTV.  The entire clan is featured except the Osbourne’s oldest daughter Aimee, she wanted no part of the on-air proceedings.

Atlanta – One half of another notorious music couple might soon be launching his own “reality” show.  Whitney Houston and husband Bobby Brown may get to share an inside view of their tumultuous life with TV viewers. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that Brown – who’s been jailed twice just this year – is trying to sell a show about himself to a network.  Her publicist, Nancy Seltzer, told The Associated Press on Friday April 2nd that Houston will not be central to any show.  “As I understand it, the reality show is about Bobby Brown. If she can help her husband in any way, she of course will do so, but it’s about Bobby.”  Houston, who has acknowledged using drugs in the past, recently checked herself into a metro Atlanta rehabilitation center.

Hey, what’s going on here?

This site started as a place for listeners to stay in touch with the Brother Dave Radio Show and get in-depth details about the entertainment news items Dave used on the air.  But after nearly 18 years of “Good Times & Great Oldies” on September 2nd, 2004 Magic 96.1 FM in Charlotte changed formats from oldies to CHR/Rhythmic music and Brother Dave called it a career as far as doing a live radio show goes.  Certain parts of the old radio show focused site will exist here temporarily as other sites reference to them for historical content including the tribute site at Tragic 96.Com.  The content of the site is highlighted in the left column.  Most radio show content will be moved to eventually as this site transforms!

Since giving up the radio job Brother Dave has refocused his spare time on playing bass guitar.  This site will now feature commentary, instructional information and links to other websites of interest to bass guitar players everywhere.
Dave started playing bass in 1968 in a band called THE REVEALING SCENE formed in Cornelia, Georgia with school mates and a few other guys from Lavonia & Carnesville.  There were several bands to follow and some pick-up and fill-in gigs.  But primarily from 1974/2004 he worked the radio shows on the weekends and couldn’t gig or play out on a regular basis.  Now that his radio days are over Dave is refocusing his life on bass guitar and this website will be his online presence in the bass guitar community.

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