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Earn to Die 2 – Cars and Upgrades

As compared to the previous Earn to Die game, the cars in Earn to Die 2 will not be purchased by money to be unlocked. Each level has assigned car for you to use. You cannot use a car intended for the next level and you cannot use the car from the previous level.

Red Truck – in order to play earn to die 2 get this vehicle you need to clear level 1 first and reach the 1st checkpoint. This car may look like the last vehicle but stronger.

Fire truck – it is considered as the powerful starting vehicle among all Earn to die games. It is as powerful as the bus in the first Earn to Die.

Military Transport Truck – you can unlock this car after you completed level 2. It is the strongest and also the most expensive upgrades.

Here are some upgrades that you can purchase:
Fuel is the heart of your car. It will determine the life of a car and how far it could travel.
Wheels are upgraded so you can drive into the rugged and rocky terrain without any difficulty. Zombies can stop or slow down a non-upgraded car easily, while the fully upgraded wheels will slow down less.

Difference between the Duck life 2 and Duck life 3

The Duck life is available to the players in different versions. The owner duck life of the game has given a specific name to every version. For an example, the duck life 1 is the original version of the game. The duck life 2 is world champion while the duck life 3 is known as the evolution game. Let us find the different between the Duck life 2 and Duck life 3.

There are some feature differences between two versions of the game. In the duck life two, the player has to continue training the ducks in their skills. This game is harder as compared to the previous version. In order to pass these challenging stages, the players have to train the ducklings.

In the duck life 3, the developer has introduced three different leagues to attract the players and to make him successful in competing the hurdles of the game. These leagues are also used to improve the skill level of the ducks and make the game more amusing. All the other features of the game are adopted from the previous version of the game.

Weapons in Bloons Tower Defense 5

The towers in Bloons Tower Defense are the most notable features for they form the most important element of the defense mechanism. Two new varieties were added by NinjaKiwi along with a new type of balloon after the 4th level. The game play is also twisted a bit to make it interesting and the strategies of the game play are also changed. The towers can be upgraded to a variety of 8 btd 5 types. In this new game type the bloons can multiply if they are not destroyed quickly.

The secret agents are launched which can work only once in every round. These weapons can be purchased only with the help monkey money. This monkey money can be earned by traversing the entire path without being killed. New paths and new levels to experience can be unlocked by bursting a large number of balloons. If you are able to reach that far you will get to face a very dangerous type of bloon called ZOMG.

Unfair Mario Modes

In the previous Mario games, play unfair mario we have noticed that they are full of modes like the time mode, fight mode, face off mode and much more but the shocking thing about unfair Mario is that it has no modes, not even a time mode that is present almost in every game.

Thus, we can say that unfair Mario is full of surprises; it is filled with so many traps that most of the people playing it are not even able to pass the very first level so there are no such needs of modes in the games to attract the audience. The fact that it is one of the most difficult games attracts games lovers to come and play this game in order to prove it wrong.


He’s making a list…and watch wimbledon online it twice!  As always, Brother Dave will be talking about the VERY best “Happy Holiday Happenings” in the listening area!  If your club, school, church, civic group or other non-profit organization has a special event and would like to be included on Dave’s list on the air and right here on the website, you need to get your information to us right away!  One email to the Community News & Special Events mailbox in the far right column for either the Metro Charlotte area or the Montgomery area will do it!  You can access the list right here from the Main Menu at Brother Dave.US.  Just click on “Happy Holidays” for the menu.

Number one on the list is MAGIC 96.1’s Seventh Annual Jingle Bell Rock Concert.  Read about it all by clicking HERE!Also on the HOLIDAYS page you’ll find Dave’s schedule of recommended Christmas Television Specials!Speaking of lists, here comes one now!Brother Dave’s Top 5 Holiday Wishes

  1. That my car will start without roland garros live in January and February.
  2. That I can find my jumper cables when it won’t.
  3. That Christina Aguilera confesses it was all an act and she’s really a nice girl.
  4. That Britney Spears confesses it was all an act and she’s really a bad girl. (Wait, that one already came true didn’t it?)

And Dave’s Number One Holiday Wish? Superbowl Champs…The Carolina Panthers!